Title Date Download/Link
Information Information for Technical Assistant and Accountant -cum- IT Assistant 11/06/2019 Download(198 KB)
Information related to Noorsarai-Silao via Begumpur Road widening and strengthening 03/06/2019 Download(1 MB)
District Survey Report (DSR) for Sand Pier under Nalanda district 08/01/2019 Download(2 MB)
Regarding Noorsarai-Silao Road via Begumpur widening & repairing 29/11/2018 Download(299 KB)
Regarding Permission to set-up Telecom Towers on Land and Buildings 13/10/2018 Download(2 MB)
Related to Project Silao-Giriyak Road widening & strengthening 25/08/2018 Download(5 MB)
M.V.R. of Project (biharsharif-Barbigha-Mokama)2 Lane construction Mauja Hujurpur Mehnaur Thana No- 98 12/07/2018 Download(297 KB)
Project Silao-Giriyak Road Repair Work-1 12/05/2018 Download(9 MB)
Project Silao-Giriyak Road Repair Work-2 18/05/2018 Download(759 KB)
ARMS Act-2016 28/02/2018 Download(3 MB)