Lok Sabha Election-2024

Assembly Segment wise list of polling stations
Sl No Assembly Segment List of polling stations
1 171-Asthawan Download
2 172-Biharsharif Download
3 171-Rajgir(SC) Download
4 174-Islampur Download
5 175-Hilsa Download
6 176-Nalanda Download
7 177-Harnaut Download
Important Documents
Sr No. Types of Documents Link
1 For candidates and political parties EVM Brochure Download
2 List of Claims and Objections(Form 9, 10, 11, 11A and 11B) during SSR-2024 Click here
3 EVM FLC OK Detailed Units Report Download
4 Training & Awareness EVM/VVPAT List Download
5 List of minimum rates of various goods/services during the election campaign. डाउनलोड
Important Links
Sr. No Subject/ Title/ Department Links
1 Election Commission of India Click here
2 Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Bihar Click here
3 Voter’s Service Portal Click here
4 Search in Electoral Roll Click here
5 C-vigil and ESMS Click here
6 Know your polling station Click here


Assembly Segment Wise Map
Sl No. Assembly Segment Name Download Map
1 171-Asthawan A2-ASTHAWAN 171
2 172-Biharsharif A2-BIHARSHARIF 172
3 173-Rajgir (SC) A2-RAJGIR (SC) 173
4 174-Imslampur A2-ISLAMPUR 174
5 175-Hilsa A2-HILSA 175
6 176-Nalnda A2-NALANDA 176
7 177-Harnaut A2-HARNAUT 177


Assembly Segment Wise Map
Sr No. Assembly Segment BLO List
1 171-Asthawan 171-Asthawan BLO
2 172-Biharsharif 172-Biharsharif BLO
3 173-Rajgir (SC) 173-Rajgir BLO
4 174-Imslampur 174-Islampur BLO
5 175-Hilsa 175-Hilsa BLO
6 176-Nalnda 176-Nalanda BLO
7 177-Harnaut A2-HARNAUT 177